Basic Info

I am a Dutch Writer, Animator, Story Teller, Voice Actor and Graphic Designer based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. I created the YouTube channel MitchelChannal in 2010 and another YouTube channel called Glorious Rigby in 2017. In 2018 I joined the community site LambdaGeneration to produce a show called 'All Things Lambda', which is gaining traction among the Half-Life community.
Full Name: Mitchel Wensveen
Age: 19
City of Birth: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Tongues: Dutch & English
Years Active: Since 2008 (Ten years)
Hobbies: Playing Games, Watching Cartoons, Sitting around a fire with friends to brainstorm cool new ideas.
Favorite Music: Daft Punk, Gunship, Starcadian, Lazerhawk, Carpenter Brut.
Favorite Movie/TV Genre's: Adventure, Science Fiction. I like them most when they're spiced with character oriented narratives.
Things I think I'm good at
Directing and Overseeing a live-action internet scale film production.
Writing compelling stories and screenplays with charm and creativity.
Designing charming characters and worlds.
Designing logo's and branding for companies and events.
Animating graphical assets and creating bumpers & intro's with flexible movement.
Editing and compositing internet video's and television broadcasts.
Managing Social Media account's.
Acting and Voice Acting for human and non-human characters.
Drinking all of the coffee in the office.
Notable work
Super Nick
One Day Host 2008 • With Nickelodeon & Viacom Europe.
Creator and Developer 2010-2018
MitchelChannal is my first YouTube channel and first official project. It is still active today, but it's priority has been lowered in favor of new projects. In 2018 the channel has suspended all further plans and is in the process of being shut down.
Vraag Het Mitchel
Creator  2010-2011
The first show to launch on MitchelChannal. I would pick a random question and I would answer it. Nothing really special. It got cancelled in 2011 in favor of higher quality content.
MitchelChannal Games
Creator and Host  2011-2017 • With Dennis den Besten, Ruben Klijn & Jeroen Schmidt.
The gaming arm of my channel. It had several reboots. The channel got cancelled in 2017 due to us not being able to maintain the channel and the need to move on. The channel "Glorious Rigby" could be considered a spiritual successor to MCG.
Mitchel's Wijze Les
Creator  2013-2018
A spiritual successor to Vraag Het Mitchel. Every episode tackled a different subject. The show got cancelled in 2018 due to MitchelChannal's downsizing. Plans for season three has been scraped.
Crazy Is Crazy
Voice Actor  2014-2018 • With Mark Roosien
I did some voice acting for the YouTube Show. Mostly for the Red Universe episodes where I voice Alfred the Gnome and Red-Mitchel.
Altijd Raak
Video Producer  2014-2015 • With Diego Boin, Bjorn Ringnalda & Mark Roosien
I produced some video's for the channel. It was a collab with a couple other channels. It was short lived however. The channel was abandoned throughout 2015, leading to it's quiet cancellation at the end of that same year.
Glorious Rigby
Creator/Producer/Voice Actor  2017-Ongoing...
Glorious Rigby is one of the new projects that will replace MitchelChannal. GR is the first international channel, reaching audiences all over the world. The channel will be about an alien from outer space trying to make it big on YouTube. Eventually, more of his backstory will be unraveled as the channel goes on, giving the channel a whole second dimension and a mysterious vibe.
Ace & Andreas
Director/Writer/Compositing  2016 • With Fabio Steltenpohl
This is an unreleased stopmotion animation created by me and Fabio. The original script was about eight pages long. We suffered from production issues and eventually we dropped distribution. It might still be put online though. We're not sure at this point.
Director/Writer  2017 • With Conner Bottelier
This has been a passion project. We were in production of this short-film for about three months. Most of that time has been spend on writing the script and developing the characters. We shot the entire thing in one day. The decision was made to not make the short public. However, it will probably make it's way online somehow in the future.
Bone Crushers
Creator/Animator/Voice Actor  2017
Originally a project for the Vidme Green Screen Challenge, Bone Crushers is a compositing and voice acting project that is ongoing to this day. It is also one of the first full projects under the Mitchel's Workshop name. An extended version is in production with a bigger story, more voice actors and more polished visuals. Because of Vidme's closure at the end of 2017, the video has been moved to YouTube.
"Een Goed Gesprek" - Podcast
Editor and Co-Host  2018 • With Conner Bottelier, Erik Hendriks & Fabio Steltenpohl.
Me and several other people have created a podcast about the audio/visual industry covering everything from news to fun inside knowledge. The podcast was first recorded and taped inside Mediacollege Amsterdam. But has recently moved to VondelCS. Also in Amsterdam. The first few episodes are online. I edited all of the episodes except episode one.
"All Things Lambda" - LambdaGeneration
Executive Producer / Writer / Voice-Over / Editing  2018-ongoing... • With LambdaGeneration Crew.
All Things Lambda is the best place for Half-Life related news and community updates. I worked on the general pitch and I'm now showrunner for all subsequent episodes.
Work In Progress concepts
Dual Core (Working Title)
Creator  Concept Stage
A Science-Fiction, character based cartoon with a neon space backdrop.
This list will be updated as I gain more work. (Plz hire me)