For a new YouTube channel that I'm making I had to design some quite nifty things. Such as a character and a complete visual style.
Let's start off with the character.
As of now, it doesn't really have a name. That'll come later along the line. For now, let's just refer to him as "Robopunch". This was the initial design. I spend a few weeks drafting the character on paper and this was the first digitization of it.
The reason for the channel having a Cartoon Character is to hide my identity. The new channel is kind of a playground for me. I can do whatever I wanna do on it and I'll be doing a lot of experimenting with it. And if ever something goes wrong, I won't immediately be looked at.
Here's a more advanced image I made.
I made this with Illustrator in conjunction with Photoshop to create the lighting effects. Now that I look at it again though, some sort of light smoke in the foreground might have been nice. However, this is definitely one of my best works yet and I'm very proud of it. 
Now let's talk about the visual style.
I choose this style because it actually looks pretty sway. The "hand-drawn" font (Chantal) that I use kinda portrays the channels chaoticness and that there are some rough edges. The way that titles are composed (lines stacked on top of each other, playful placement, etc.) shows that through the chaos there are creative ideas and concepts.
The smaller text (Nimbus Sans) looks modern and contrasts good with the title text. This will only be used for large fields of text as the title text font kinda looks weird and unreadable when made really small.
Here's the YouTube banner
As you can see, I inspired the banner from the concept image I showed you earlier. The text is made up of the title text font (Chantal). It also serves as the logo for the "brand".
There is more art that I am not going to show you just yet. But I will include them when I think there done.
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